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NPA Toolkit for Community Action

The NPA Toolkit for Community Action

The NPA Toolkit for Community Action supports efforts to end health disparities and promote health equity.  Learn more...

HHS Announces New, Refined Survey Standards to Examine and Help Eliminate Health Disparities

Standards for Consistent Demographic Measures

HHS published final standards for data collection on race, ethnicity, sex, primary language and disability status.  Learn more...

Health Information Technology

Initiative to Stimulate Adoption of Electronic Health Records

OMH, AHIMA and North Shore Medical Labs, Inc., are launching a program to stimulate adoption of electronic health records.  Learn more...

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The Affordable Care Act Resource Kit
The Affordable Care Act Resource Kit has been developed to guide activities that will improve opportunities for health care access and coverage as part of efforts by the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities (NPA). The main audience for this Kit is NPA partners, Regional Health Equity Councils, and other affiliate organizations interested in conducting ACA outreach and facilitating enrollment in Health Insurance Marketplaces. The Kit provides basic information and a directory of links to resources that may be referenced or distributed during conferences, trainings, project planning and community events. ACA Resource Kit [PDF - 3MB]
Read Journal Article about HHS Disparities Reduction Plan
"The Action Plan represents the first federal strategic disparities plan and the most comprehensive federal commitment in this area to date."
Read the article by Howard K. Koh, Garth Graham, and Sherry A. Glied.
NPA Blog
Hope for a Health Disparities-free New England
By Toddchelle Young

A New England free of health disparities may seem farfetched, but the New England Regional Equity Council's (New England RHEC) strives to make this vision attainable. I applied for the Program Coordinator Intern position with the New England RHEC because I was impassioned by their mission to "leverage and increase the effectiveness of the collective actions and resources of partners, community representatives, leaders and stakeholders, that address the social determinants of health, the delivery of high quality health care, and elimination of systemic health disparities, in order to achieve health equity for all in the New England region.

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