Fellow Experience: FAQs

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Who can apply to be a YHEMOP Fellow?

YHEMOP Health Equity Fellows must be:

  1. Currently enrolled at an accredited college or university as an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student; OR graduated from an accredited college or university within the past year.
  2. An emerging health professional with 1-5 years of relevant experience.
  3. A student in good standing with the college or university in which the student is enrolled.
  4. Available to work 40 hours a week during normal business hours, or for the time required by the Placement Site.
  5. Available to work at the Placement Site, unless a telework agreement has been established prior to accepting the fellowship.

How long is the fellowship?
The fellowship runs for 10 weeks from early June through mid-August. Please check the Requirements and Timeline Page for more details on the current cohort timeline.

Will I have to relocate for the fellowship? Does YHEMOP provide any funding specifically for housing assistance?
If you are offered a position with a Placement Site that is in a different location from where you currently reside, you will be expected to relocate. Some Placement Sites allow YHEMOP Health Equity Fellows to work remotely; however, these are exceptions to the rule. 

YHEMOP does not provide any financial assistance specifically for housing; however, many Fellows use part of their stipend to pay for summer housing.

While no financial housing assistance is provided, YHEMOP will help you locate appropriate summer housing by connecting you with local university housing options, etc. It is the Fellow’s responsibility to secure housing for the duration of the project period.

Will there be other Fellows working at the same office that I work in?
Some Placement Sites have requested multiple YHEMOP Health Equity Fellows, however, most will have one Fellow at a given Placement Site.  That being said, many Placement Sites may have additional summer interns or fellows that work outside the YHEMOP program but still work in the same office.

Can a YHEMOP Health Equity Fellow receive academic credit for their participation?
If the Fellowship Placement meets the requirements of the student’s academic program, the student may be able to receive academic credit. It is the student’s responsibility to determine if a YHEMOP fellowship meets their academic requirements and to obtain the necessary approval from their academic program. YHEMOP staff is happy to help coordinate with the Fellow to complete any documentation they might need from their Placement Site and Mentor.

Is the YHEMOP Health Equity Fellowship a paid position?
Yes. Fellows are provided a stipend for their work, but stipend amounts may vary based on level of education and location. Fellows can expect that the stipend amount will help to support housing costs for the summer but may not cover all expenses.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to reach out via email at OMHYHEMOP@atlasresearch.us and we’d be happy to help!