Are you interested in reducing health disparities
and advancing health equity?

Are you looking for an opportunity to work in-the-field with seasoned leaders committed to health?

Are you an organization committed to health equity that could benefit from additional capacity?

The HHS Office of Minority Health Youth Health Equity Model of Practice (YHEMOP), provides Health Equity Fellowships to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students interested in a career in health. These fellowships provide hands on, “in the field” learning opportunities through short-term placements in diverse organizations or institutions that promote health equity and/or addresses health disparities. Fellowship sites include but are not limited to government agencies, healthcare delivery organizations and systems, public health organizations, health equity councils, and other institutions that promote health equity and/or address health disparities.

Health Equity Fellows report that their placement experience has deepened their commitment to and drive to reduce health disparities through a career in health care or public health while simultaneously completing a project of significance to their community.
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Prospective YHEMOP Health Equity Fellows

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Prospective YHEMOP Organizations or Mentors