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Check out our multimedia resources and help reach patients living with lupus and their caregivers. You can stay up-to-date and share these important messages with the hashtag #LetsTakeCharge.

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Patient Stories

Stories from patients living with lupus on their decisions to participate in lupus clinical trials.

News Media Resources

Public service announcements from our directors, RADM Felicia Collins (HHS OMH) and RADM Richardae Araojo (FDA OMHHE), on the need for lupus clinical trial diversity.

  • Public Service Announcement 01
    • Transcript [PDF 41KB]
  • Public Service Announcement 02
    • Transcript [PDF 41KB]
  • Public Service Announcement 03
    • Transcript [PDF 41KB]
  • Public Service Announcement 04
    • Transcript [PDF 41KB]

Other Federal Resources

Resources on clinical trial diversity and lupus from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


Researchers are recruiting diverse participants for #Lupus clinical trials. #LetsTakeCharge so that all lupus patients are represented. Learn more:

#DYK that people living with lupus from certain racial or ethnic minority populations have a higher chance of having more severe symptoms? We need better #lupus treatments for all people. Learn how you can help: #LetsTakeCharge

If you are living with #lupus, you know the challenge of managing and treating the disease. Learn how you can help researchers find ways to fight lupus by joining a clinical trial: #LetsTakeCharge

#DYK the cause of #lupus is currently unknown? Diverse participation in clinical trials is key to understanding and treating lupus. Learn more: #LetsTakeCharge

Are you living with #lupus? Have you considered joining a lupus clinical trial? @FDAHealthEquity and @MinorityHealth have resources for you! Visit #LetsTakeCharge

People with #lupus are living longer thanks to treatment advances, but we still need more treatment options. Learn how you can help by joining a clinical trial: #LetsTakeCharge

Are you a male living with #lupus? Do you represent a racial/ethnic minority or another diverse group? Consider joining a lupus clinical trial! For more information, visit #LetsTakeCharge

#LetsTakeCharge is a public education and outreach campaign that aims to provide info about clinical trials to diverse #lupus patients and their caregivers. Visit for more information.

Help @MinorityHealth and @FDAHealthEquity spread the word about the need for diversity in #lupus clinical trials! Learn more about the #LetsTakeCharge campaign here: