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Men's Health Month

6 Plays for Men's Health

On Friday, June 17, the HHS Office of Minority Health will join the Men’s Health Network to observe Wear Blue Day Exit Disclaimer as part of the year-round Wear BLUE awareness campaign to raise awareness for education about men’s health. The OMH’s Six Plays for Men’s Health remind men and boys that they can improve their health by seeking medical advice and taking other important steps, such as making healthy food choices, staying active, quitting smoking, getting regular checkups, taking care of their mental health and being #VaccineReady.

  1. We will protect this heart
  2. Bro, you don't even have to lift
  3. Preventive Maintenance
  4. Quitting Time
  5. Hey man, you good?
  6. Be #VaccineReady
6 Plays for Men's Health

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