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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Office of Minority Health

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What We Do

The Office of Minority Health addresses disease prevention, health promotion, risk reduction, healthier lifestyle choices, use of health care services and barriers to health care for racial and ethnic minorities. Key strategies of our mission include:

  • Improving data collection, reporting and sharing for ethnic and racial minority populations
  • Establishing and strengthening networks, coalitions and partnerships to identify and solve health problems
  • Developing and promoting policies, programs and practices to achieve health equity
  • Fostering research and evaluations
  • Funding demonstration programs at the regional, state and local level that can contribute to health policy and the effectiveness of strategies for improving health

Disparities Reduction and Health Equity

The HHS Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities outlines goals and actions HHS will take to reduce health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities. The Office of Minority Health is leading the charge to put the HHS Disparities Action Plan into practice.

National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities reaches out across sectors at local, state, regional and federal levels to mobilize a nationwide, comprehensive, community-driven and sustained approach to combating health disparities.

National Stakeholder Strategy for Achieving Health Equity provides a common set of goals and objectives for public and private sector partnerships to help racial and ethnic minorities - and other underserved groups - reach their full health potential.

Programs and Initiatives

Funding and Programs
Office of Minority Health grants support public and private community-based practices and innovative program models that address health disparities through improvements in public awareness, education, prevention and service delivery to minority communities.

Health Campaigns and Observances
Through targeted information and education campaigns and special observances, the Office of Minority Health works to heighten public awareness on programs and initiatives that are aimed at reducing health and health care disparities and advancing health equity.

Performance Improvement and Management System
Our Performance Improvement and Management System (PIMS) helps managers, staff, grantees, partners and other stakeholders improve the quality of planning, implementation and evaluation of grant programs.

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