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Office of Minority Health

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HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Education Grants

HIV/AIDS Initiative for Minority Men (AIMM)

Grant Period: 2014-2017

The AIMM Initiative specifically addresses the unmet needs of young racial and ethnic minority men who have sex with men (MSM) who are between the ages of 20-29 and young minority males living with HIV/AIDS or at high risk for HIV infections. The AIMM Initiative will establish a comprehensive Integrated Center for Care and Supportive Services (ICCSS) that employs evidence-based disease management and preventive health program and supportive services to:

  • Reduce the transmission of HIV;
  • Address gaps and fragmentation of HIV/AIDS treatment;
  • Reduce HIV/AIDS stigma and barriers to culturally and linguistically appropriate care;
  • Address social determinants of health that impede treatment adherence;
  • Prevent opportunistic infections
  • Improve clinical outcomes of MSM and young minority males living with HIV or at high risk for HIV infections.

This program ends August 31, 2017.

Non-Federal AIMM Grantees City State Funding Level
Beat AIDS Coalition Trust San Antonio TX $375,000
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Exit Disclaimer Los Angeles CA $375,000
Louisiana Public Health Institute Exit Disclaimer New Orleans LA $374,821
My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. Exit Disclaimer Ridgeland MS $375,000
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Long Island NY $375,000
Us Helping Us, People into Living, Inc. Washington DC $374,993
Total: $2,249,814

CHAT (Curbing HIV/AIDS Transmission)

Grant Period: 2012-2015

The CHAT grants seek to improve the HIV/AIDS health outcomes of high risk minority youth (13-19 years old) by supporting community-based efforts to increase HIV/AIDS prevention/education efforts, testing, counseling and referrals.

CHAT Grantees City State Funding Level
Alternatives For Girls Exit Disclaimer Detroit MI $200,000
Cascade AIDS Project Exit Disclaimer Portland OR $225,000
Lutheran Medical Center/Lutheran Family Health Centers Exit Disclaimer Brooklyn NY $225,000
NO/AIDS Task Force Exit Disclaimer New Orleans LA $225,000
Vista Community Clinic Exit Disclaimer Vista CA $225,000
Wholistic Stress Control Institute, Inc. Exit Disclaimer Atlanta GA $200,000
Total:  $1,300,000

HIRE (HIV/AIDS Health Improvement for the Re-Entry Population)

Grant Period: 2012-2016

HIRE grants seek to improve the HIV/AIDS health outcomes of formerly incarcerated individuals by supporting community-based efforts to ensure their successful transition from state or federal incarceration back to their communities.

Grantees City State Funding Level
FACES NY, Inc. Exit Disclaimer New York NY $ 200,000
Housing Works, Inc. Exit Disclaimer Brooklyn NY $ 200,000
Long Island Association for AIDS Care, Inc. Exit Disclaimer Haupauge NY $ 235,000
Metropolitan Charities, Inc. Exit Disclaimer St. Petersburg FL $ 215,000
The Osborne Association, Inc. Exit Disclaimer Bronx NY $ 235,000
Recovery Consultants of Atlanta, Inc. Exit Disclaimer Decatur GA $ 215,000
St. Luke's - Roosevelt Institute for Health Sciences Exit Disclaimer New York NY $ 200,000
Total:  $1,500,000

Linkage to Life Program: Rebuilding Broken Bridges for Minority Families Impacted by HIV/AIDS (L2L)

Grant Period: 2012-2014

Linkage to Life Program addresses gaps in health care, social and supportive services for families living with HIV/AIDS and who are in transition from incarceration, domestic violence and/or substance abuse treatment.

Grantees City State Funding Level
Community Education Group Washington DC $478,826.00
The CORE Foundation Chicago IL $477,720.00
Dominican Sisters Family Health Service, Inc. Bronx NY $478,900.00
Latino Commission on AIDS New York NY $451,021.00
Metropolitan Charities, Inc. St. Petersburg FL $478,900.00
Volunteers of America Bay Area, Inc. Alameda CA $474,633.00
Total: $2,840,000

Minority Community HIV/AIDS Partnership

Grant Period: 2010-2013 

These grants seek to improve the health status, relative to HIV/AIDS, of young adults, particularly racial and ethnic minorities by eliminating disparities through local partnerships. 

Grantees City State Funding Level
Advocates for Youth Washington DC $879,987
Cardera Center for Health and Human Services Austin TX $600,000
National Council of Negro Women Washington DC $898,746
National Indian Women's Health Resource Center Tahlequah OK $771,270
Total: $3,150,003
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