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Technical Note on Health Data for Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Populations

OMH does not collect data, but presents data from other sources, usually federal government agencies. This poses a particular problem with regard to data on Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander populations, for which few comprehensive data sets or analyses are available.

Much of the data on this web site are from the CDC, which generally aggregates data under the term "Asian/Pacific Islander." OMH uses this term as it appears in the CDC data reports. Because of sample size issues, the CDC data reports typically footnote reported data on Native Hawaiians and Pacific populations as statistically unreliable, or do not report disaggregated data.

To address Native Hawaiian health, OMH supplements federal government data with data from the State of Hawaii, as noted where used in each disease profile on this site.

The most recent literature searches conducted by OMHRC in January 2017 produced no new articles with comprehensive data published by the epidemiology centers. Readers of this site are asked to point us to new published data as they become available.

As new data become available, they will be added to these pages. Please see the Asian American Statistical Profile for general health data related to Asian Americans

To find additional literature on Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders, search the OMHRC Knowledge Center Library Catalog at:

[EXAMPLE: Under "Advanced Search", enter the subjects SAMOANS & STATISTICS, or HAWAIIANS & STATISTICS, etc.]

Contact for additional search assistance.
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